Valerie Glover-Powers | Prana Partners | Financial Services

About Prana Partners

Prana ~ Life force ~ Life energy

Prana Partners, LLC is a professional services firm offering decades of expertise to businesses in all phases of their life cycle. Our mission is to bring clarity and solutions to our clients through focused communication, reliable action plans, and dedicated follow through. We believe that collaboration brings the best results – our clients work with one focused Financial Professional who then has access to the expertise and skill sets of all our other team members.

We’re Employee Centric

Our Controllers look for ways to make everyone in the company successful. We look to cut other costs before cutting employees or employee benefits. We believe employees are the life blood of a company and we believe a happy employee is a productive employee.  Recent studies have been shown to support this model of business.

Movement ~ Flow ~ Calm

We come in with the right questions, and use our experience and industry knowledge for the benefit of our clients. We look to find the whole picture and then to apply the micro to the macro.  Our team members can easily move into the work with as little interruption/disruption to the client as possible.

Our philosophy is flow – when we work with a client our goal is keeping the client’s business flowing forward.

We bring calm – the Prana Partners’ team consists of problem solvers. We hire on the basis of experience, communication, and personality. Our people will always be the ones who say – I see an issue; this is how I’m going to solve it.

Prana Encompasses Fluidity ~ Adaptability ~ Resilience