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Philosophy Prana Partners | Financial Services

Recently, we heard a CEO speak about his company’s great success and what the culture he created has to do with it. He spoke about his people, how every position impacts the whole, and how as CEO, it’s his responsibility to make sure every employee is thriving – not just getting by. He said, “We hire for optimism and empathy,” but that it can’t stop there – if the staff is going to be there for the company, the company needs to be there for the staff.

Often today, employees feel overwhelmed, helpless and small. They fear for their jobs and resent change that may at some point take their jobs away from them. What we do at Prana Partners, whether it’s bringing in a Financial team or skilled Executive Search Admins, can be perceived as threatening to people who live in a world where fear sits in the zeitgeist.

When the CEO spoke, we really heard him, a man who is creating a new model of business based on shared wealth and employee satisfaction. And, well, his words made us think about how we could make a mark – how we can contribute to creating organizations where things are better for people.

A Benefit and a Solution

It made us think about how we want to enter our clients’ businesses, how we will observe and interact, and how we will make sure we fully understand the procedures and the people before we try to change what’s already in place. We want to be a ripple, not a splash. A dive, not a cannonball.

We have worked to assemble a team of professionals who have optimism and empathy. We strive to leave drama out and bring in flow. We strive to bring peace to busy and stressful situations. We strive to bring solutions when a client feels stuck. We want to be a benefit and a solution to our clients.

The intent of Prana Partners, whether on the Financial Services side or the Executive Admin side, is movement, flow, and cohesive solidity. We hire for optimism and empathy, and we hope to present this to all of our clients.


“You’ve got to create a culture and a set of values where people feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves.  You treat people with great respect.  You exceed the expectations of your people so they can exceed the expectations of the customer.”  Howard Schultz, Starbucks Founder and CEO on team building