Why we Work Off Site

About Prana Partners | Financial Services

When was the last time your office environment was disrupted by a loud conversation, making it harder for you to concentrate? Or, how many times has a co-worker dropped by to chat, interrupting your train of thought? In a typical organization, either of these scenarios may happen dozens of times a day. Offices can be incredibly distracting places.

Focused and productive

Every Prana Partners’ team member is adept at physically working from a remote location, to help alleviate distractions. That makes us more focused, more productive, and is proven to increase accuracy. What this means for your organizations is this – whenever you hire a Prana Partners’ Controller, Bookkeeper, Executive Search Executive Admin or Researcher for an hour, you get a solid, focused hour of work – something everyone admits rarely happens in an office environment.

Entering your business without the requirement of space and equipment, the Prana Partners’ team is able to begin work with the least amount of disruption or cost.

Sometimes, there’s a concern that out-of-office team members won’t supply the level of communication needed by business owners and managers. Each of our team members has the skill set and ability to effectively communicate and integrate with you and your team. We use thoroughly researched productivity technologies, such as our360-degree database, allowing clients to post tasks, requests, and deadlines for our team members, creating transparency, flow, and efficient completion of work.

Recently the Harvard Business Review reported “…remote workers are often more engaged with colleagues and supervisors than in-office workers.” As a group, all of whom have worked remotely for years, the Prana Partners’ team agrees.

We are there for you

If in-office meetings are desired, we’ll work with you to make sure there is face-to-face time with your Prana Partners’ team member.