Our Team of Search/Recruiting Admins

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The Prana Partners’ recruiting support Admin team consists of Search/Recruiting professionals trained in the big four search firms. Each of our Admins has a minimum of ten years’ “hub of the wheel” experience supporting Executive Search/in-house recruiting teams in a variety of industry practices, and also in a virtual assistant capacity.

We’ve pulled together a team of individuals who understand the urgency of search work, have the capability to effectively work with C-Level clients and candidates, and know the value of their place in the search cycle. Our team members have lived search for a very long time – when they begin working with a client; it is with a minimum of fuss or distraction. We work to keep your search momentum moving.

Lisa Strickley: Seasoned and deeply knowledgeable of all aspects involved in executive search including how varied facets interact and affect one another, Lisa brings our clients 15+ years’ experience working one-on-one with search teams across a variety of industries. Her 360-degree knowledge of the industry invites search teams to engage her when working out the many and varied complexities involved with individual searches. Her teams depend on her to keep projects on-track and they reach out to her for perspective and input in devising and implementing business development strategy. Her skill set includes assessing needs, coordinating individual searches, and helping teams, clients, and candidates keep organized. Her clients say “Lisa makes things easy and less stressful for everyone involved. No one is left hanging on a search run by her.” She provides professional-level research and presentation and she is adept at keeping all aspects of a search moving and transparent. Lisa is a true and competent project manager with a deep understanding of how solid work, open communication, and responsiveness builds relationships both within search teams and outside the firm with clients, candidates, and BD targets.

Nicole Kepnes: Nicole brings 20+ years of search industry and HR experience to the Prana Partners team and has worked all aspects within the search cycle, from research to admin/project hub to sourcing with efficiency. She is one of our team members with a true 360-degree understanding of search, allowing for more efficacy in her ability to project manage her assignments. Nicole is intelligent, hard-working, and high-touch. She takes deep pride in her work and provides what she likes to call a “white glove” touch. Our clients tell us that Nicole brings a take-charge attitude to her assignments. She steps in asking the right questions from the outset and, subsequently, provides solid and on-point, professional work product. Because of her work at the top levels of a Big 4 search firm, she has the confidence and skill needed to work with top management and those surrounding top management. Practiced in working with clients remotely, referees comment on Nicole’s ability to keep them apprised of search progress. Her communication and responsiveness helps her teams keep moving forward while at the same time keeping candidates looped in and informed. Overall, Nicole is highly detail-oriented, engaged, pleasant to work with, and a team member who pulls her own weight in any given situation or assignment. Nicole earned a B.A. in Art History, University of Redlands, and holds a Certificate in Marketing, San Jose State University.